Houston has had a real winter this year and consequently some of you, like myself, are dealing with certain conditions from our cold weather. I don’t know if you suffer with this, but my dry winter hands were so cracked that my cuticles were splitting. My fingers were bleeding and my dry hands were actually aching at night and keeping me awake.

Not getting a good night’s sleep is a misery in itself. I am religious about hand lotion after washing dishes and always before bedtime but nothing worked. Not even Aquafor which is a great product but was not helping with this situation. I was avoiding shaking anyone’s hand for fear of being mistaken for a lumberjack or a brick mason.

It was becoming seriously embarrassing.

My latest attempt at a cure involved applying Aquafor on my bleeding cuticles, greasing up my dry winter hands with caster oil, then a thick layer of hand cream, and sleeping in latex gloves! Have you tried this?

I would not advise the regimen unless you sleep alone. Sharing your bed with another, even if it’s the dog, can seriously jeopardize the relationship if you crawl into bed wearing latex gloves. It brings back remembrances of an unpleasant surgical experience or, even more sinister, a crime scene investigation. I won’t comment on the reaction you’ll get when snuggling up next to someone while donning latex gloves. I’m just suggesting it could end a relationship.

The Solution

O'keeffe's Working Hands | Dry Winter HandsI sent a picture of my gloved, aching dry hands to my daughter as we share the same DNA and she too suffers with “winter hands”. She said “Oh, Mom! Haven’t you tried O’Keefe’s Working Hands”? No, I had not and thanks a lot, child of my loins, for sharing this info now that winter is almost over and I’ve probably lost a pint of blood. She redeemed herself by sending the link to this outstanding cream which I will now share with you. I ordered it immediately!

Working Hands is amazing!

I have read the ingredients and see nothing that stands out as a magic elixir, but magic it is! Within two days of using it all cracks and splits were healed and my dry hands stayed soft and smooth all day long. No more gloved nights! And I’m happy now to grab any hand for a shake!

The really incredible thing about this cream is that it leaves absolutely no residue after application. Somehow it immediately absorbs and softens. The instructions say use it once a day but I use it in the morning when I go for my jog and at night before bed.

It is unscented and it’s cheap. It leaves a bit of a waxy feel but no grease or oil residue. You won’t leave fingerprints on your glass or have it slip out of your hands like a lot of hand lotions would do. It absorbs immediately and softens right away.

I highly recommend this product and receive no reimbursement for promoting it. It comes two ways but I suggest getting the tube form rather than the tub. It’s much easier to squeeze the product out rather than digging it out of the tub. It also seems more sanitary this way.