The Boomer Woman

We Boomers used to be the largest demographic in the country.  We were a BIG deal for a very long time.  However, we just got nudged out by Millennials and not because they are growing in number but because we are diminishing in number.  You know, death.  Yes, sadly, we are dying!  The good news is there are still a great number of us and will be for a long time if we take care of ourselves.  Most of us do not wish to shuffle off into the land of the “invisible Boomer”.   This is the woman who has lost touch with her vanity and has opted into Boomer dressing for comfort or ease.  Worse yet is the land of the “spectacle Boomer” who is clearly not invisible and has opted into trying way too hard to present herself as Miley Cyrus.  Look, Miley’s not that young or hot anymore, if she ever was, and neither are you!  Let’s explore another option, that of Boomer dressing as if we mean something to ourselves which reflects our inner value.

Boomer History

Boomers are a unique generation in that we lived through enormous cultural change.  We changed all the rules and became the “happening generation”, the “me generation”.  We are skilled at adapting and reinventing ourselves because we have had to.  We are more open to change than any generation before ours.  We are going to live longer than any generation thus far and we want to do it skillfully, artfully.  We are still rewriting the rules but now it is the rules of how we age.  We are redefining the golden years and what retirement looks like. Most of us have evolved and grown and we have much to offer.  We want to look and dress like we mean something because we do!

Changes We Didn’t Make

There are a few changes we would just as soon not have like those having to do with the way our bodies have changed.  Even if you work out, like I do, there are only so many battles you can win with Mother Nature.  You can’t fight creepy skin and the places that extra pounds like to live.  But, we can dress to diminish those areas and accentuate what we have that still looks great.  Maybe you still have cleavage or shapely legs or great shoulders.  It is very important to have a great tailor who knows your body and figure challenges.  A few nips and tucks in your clothes can make all the difference.  It is also very important to become best friends with websites like Third Love, and Spanx,  We need great shape wear  undergarments.  Boobs need to be lifted and supported.  Waistlines, hips, thighs, and arms need to be smoothed.  If you haven’t visited these sites and made purchases, I would suggest you do so immediately.  You won’t be sorry.  If you don’t have a daughter or a best friend who can shop with you, most stores have personal shoppers or even knowledgeable sales people who can help you select the best looks for your figure.

Three Boomer Dressing No-Nos

  1. All Matched Up Head to Toe
    Dressing less finished is a good look.  The total outfit look is not a good one and will make you seem too contrived and insecure.  That goes for hair too.  Fixing every hair and lacquering it into place reeks of old lady.  Leave your hair a bit unfussy and carefree.  Your appearance should look as if you casually reached into your expansive closet and pulled together a few of your favorite pieces.  You’re pulled together not shellacked into place.  It can be as easy as a great white shirt and jeans or black slacks and loafers.  But lose the blouse that matches the slacks or skirt with a matching bag and shoes.  Nothing says BOOMER like an “outfit”.
  2. Too Trendy or Youthful
    I mentioned earlier the “spectacle Boomer woman”.  She is wearing head to toe every trend she just saw in Seventeen magazine.  I would caution you to wear only one trendy piece at a time.  It might be a piece of jewelry or a shoe or your jacket, but only ONE thing.  If you pull together your entire Forever 21 look you are bound to cause a scene and it won’t be a good one.  Those smiling faces you see aren’t in admiration of your outfit.  Find magazines and websites that feature age appropriate, fabulous women.  They will inspire you and show you a great deal about how to dress.  Find some looks that appeal to you and copy them!
  3. All About Comfort or Hiding Your Body
    I know you’ve seen her, maybe at the grocery store or the mall.  She is the “invisible Boomer woman” wearing a shapeless, colorless garment and sensible shoes.  She may be overweight but, even if she isn’t, she will definitely be a Boomer trying to hide in her clothes or give off the vibe that she has way more important qualities than how she looks.  Please, please try not to poison the environment by making all of us suffer with your self-confidence!  You can be comfortable without cornering the market on elastic and oversized garments.  Even shape wear these days is super comfortable.  We have evolved and no one wants to be miserable in those girdles and corsets our moms wore.  Find a store like Chico’s or J. Jill with great looking, comfortable clothes.  Most women’s clothing lines have items in all categories that are made for comfort.  If budget is a factor, try Target.  They have great, well-priced clothes for all sizes and shapes.  As for not giving a wit about how you look, can you at least consider dressing better as a service to your fellowman/woman.  We all have many things to feel sorry for, please don’t let it be you.

Wearing clothes that flatter us and look good on us make us feel better, even happier.  I urge you to take pride in your appearance, if for no other reason than your mental health.  If you’re anything like me, you will not go quietly into the night.  I have no plans to exit for a long while but when I must, rest assured, it will be wearing something  great!